Who We Are

Who We Are

The Partners

Nik Nanos is among Canada’s top strategists. Over the past 25 years he advised senior decision-makers on everything from managing their brand and corporate reputation through to navigating complex public facing issues. As a pollster, he knows the pulse of the nation and the forces that shape public opinion. Whether it is being an expert before the courts to protect a brand or advising a CEO on a public relations issue, Nik is a much sought after go to resource.

Contact: 613-276-2731, nnanos@nrmpublicaffairs.com

David Rutherford has more than 40 years of experience in investigating, analyzing and presenting issues to non-expert audiences - as a journalist, communications manager and frontline spokesman. He brings perspective to issue management, whether confronting or collaborating with those affected. David appreciates that there are at least two sides to every argument, and understanding them is the first step to winning.

Contact: 613-867-1760, drutherford@nrmpublicaffairs.com

John McKay has 30 years experience as a communications strategist, spokesperson and multimedia producer. He has an analytical and scientific mindset coupled with creativity and the ability to make connections and see issues from different perspectives. John has the ability to develop novel communications approaches while keeping the focus on producing practical and measurable outcomes.

Contact: 613-614-0706, jmckay@nrmpublicaffairs.com

John Nanos has been providing strategic counsel to senior executives for more than 20 years on issues ranging from corporate identity change for a Fortune 500 company to understanding behavioural drivers and effecting change within the marketplace. His expertise in issue management and finance brings a high level strategic approach to charting the path to overcoming corporate challenges.

Contact: 416-821-3160, jnanos@nrmpublicaffairs.com