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Public Acceptance and Engagement

The research shows that scientific and technical considerations are not the only, or even the primary, factors responsible for the public’s perceptions of risks and benefits. Social and psychological factors also play a major role, and the most notable of those factors is the issue of trust.

We work with you to address those factors, engage with your stakeholders and partners, and develop public acceptance of your new technology, innovation, program, product or service.

Our proprietary, evidence-based methodology is the result of in-depth research and decades of working with domestic and international organizations in the energy and healthcare sectors. It is based on an understanding that the future of any new project or product is dependent to a significant degree on how well it is understood and accepted by audiences across society - from those who live or work near proposed capital project sites or affected areas, to those at the national and international levels who are making energy and healthcare decisions and listening to public opinion.

We map the various geographic and interest communities, partners and stakeholders that will affect your success and set out a plan to engage with them.

We help our clients build clear strategies and actions into overall project management plans from the earliest stages of development. We also provide practical tools and support to help senior project managers and technical subject matter experts who are not always equipped to understand and address this critical determinate of success. We provide the consulting and professional development services, manuals, templates and other tools that are required to help everyone inside the organization to understand the "make or break" importance of communications and engagement.

Traditionally, when public acceptance is low or audience engagement is minimal, political and business decision-makers make lower investments or none at all. Projects can be scuttled or stalled because of public attitudes, harsh regulations established in the absence of a clear understanding of the technical and scientific nature of a technology, its risks or its benefits.

NRM Public Affairs can help you engage with your audiences, build trust and produce measurable results.