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Narrative Development

Your organization’s narrative describes to your staff and the world what you are doing and where you are going. Drawing on over 100 years of combined experience, the experts at NRM can help you craft a narrative and strategy that most effectively aligns, and so helps you to realize, your goals. 

How are you perceived in the public sphere?

What story are you telling - inside and outside - now?

How do your people see the organization and what story are they telling about it?

What story are others telling about you?

Our insight gives you a 360 degree understanding of how you are seen relative to how you would like to be perceived. Using our experience and, potentially, public opinion research to prioritize issues and identify emerging ones, we will provide options for closing any gaps.

People are bombarded with messages. Cutting through the clutter, being clear, concise, and “heard” is the difference between an organization that tries to communicate and a high performance leader.  Regardless of how you are communicating, calibrating the right message to the right stakeholder segment is the difference between success and failure.

NRM Public Affairs has helped numerous organizations develop and fine-tune a clear and compelling narrative.  More than just talking points, our narrative development process is driven by a methodology and focussed through a strategic lens that will magnify the impact of your story.

When you retain NRM Public Affairs as your partner in the narrative development process, the journey begins with a series of steps that are designed to help integrate your narrative with your corporate objectives:

Step 1 - CONTEXT

This involves conducting a situational analysis of the communications environment (political, media, public and stakeholders), including an analysis of the key players' positions and narratives.  It gives you an independent, 360 degree view of the opportunities and risks in the current environment.


Attainable strategic goals are defined within the context of your current corporate objectives and positions.


There is a series of concrete deliverables that clients can expect when they retain NRM Public Affairs for a narrative development.  These include:

The narrative development process is based on the expert advice of the partners at NRM Public Affairs. It can include cost effective public opinion research conducted by Nanos Research, our research partner, and training, conducted by  Rutherford McKay Associates – leaders in executive coaching.