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Find out exactly how effective your communications activities and products
are in helping you to be heard by, or influence, the target audience(s). This critical resource can help you streamline efforts for maximum impact.  Conducted independently by the NRM experts, the Communication Audit is a practical tool to help you to prioritize resources and recalibrate efforts.  The scope of audit can range from evaluation of individual communications tools, to recommendations on the most effective channels for reaching stakeholders, to a review of the capacity of the organization to meet communications objectives.

A NRM Public Affairs Communications Audit is a rigorous independent look at your communications activities, and a key resource that can help in:

The first step is to define and design a customized scope for the audit, reflecting the priorities of the leadership of your organization.  The activities above can be called up and integrated either separately or in conjunction with each other.

The audit itself is based on a series of intelligence inputs which help inform the audit and the potential path forward.  These include, but are not limited to:

In combination, the activities that can comprise the communications audit and the intelligence inputs can provide leaders with a detailed strategic understanding of the current situation, opportunities for improvement and an enhanced path forward on the communications front.